About Crumlin Community Clean Up

Crumlin Community Clean Up is a volunteer-run group based in Crumlin, Dublin, Ireland. The group activities is aimed at improving and sustaining the environment of the local area. Our mission is to enable every resident in the greater Crumlin area to take ownership of the shared community environment and work towards its constant improvement in line with values of sustainability, democracy and inclusiveness.

Bloomin’ Crumlin

Bloomin’ Crumlin is a community-led greening initiative focused on enhancing streets, green infrastructure (parks, green spaces, grass verges etc.) and biodiversity in the Crumlin and Kimmage area.

Our Work

Our volunteering work has been centered around clean ups and environmental action in Crumlin and the surrounding areas. There are two clean ups per week (weather permitting). We also weed roads/paths, clean the River Poddle, help residents with gardens, clean greens and advocate for improved environmental conditions in our area.

Get Involved

There are many ways in which people can support us: through sponsorship, donations, organising fundraising activities for us. If you have benefited from any of our work or simply appreciate the work that we do, check out our get involved page to see how you can help us and your community.


Links with local groups and partnerships with like-minded organisations are key to mission and goals. We are always willing to work with groups who feel we can make a difference.


Our group is only as strong as our wonderful volunteers. Our gallery contains images of the people that make our work possible, the work done and some of the scenarios we encounter during our activities.

Contact us

We really want to hear from people. We love to chat, so whether you are looking for some information, want us to help or want to find out about our group, please get in touch and we can try and answer your lovely questions.