Crumlin Community Clean Up is a volunteer-run group based in Crumlin, Dublin, Ireland. The group activities is aimed at improving and sustaining the environment of the local area. Our mission is to enable every resident in the greater Crumlin area to take ownership of the shared community environment and work towards its constant improvement in line with values of sustainability, democracy and inclusiveness.

A brief history

Crumlin Community Clean Up was set up in November 2018 by a local resident Laure, who was disgruntled by the amount of vandalism, litter and illegal dumping in the Crumlin area. Together with her friend Samantha and armed with litter-pickers and an abandoned shopping trolley, they set off on the lonely journey every Friday evening to clean up Crumlin.

Crumlin, like so many neighborhoods around Dublin had long lost it’s sense of community. Residents keep to themselves, concerned only with their property and anything directly affecting them. Local residents started to see Laure and Samantha out cleaning and wondered who these people were. Slowly the sense of community spirit that lay dormant for many years started to return. People started to offer help, the small team grew larger and one year on there is a core group of 20 volunteers who each Saturday spend an hour cleaning different areas of Crumlin, Kimmage and Walkinstown.

Who we are

We are a group of local residents in the Crumlin/Walkinstown/Kimmage area concerned with the general poor state of the environment in the locality. Our background is diverse with participants hailing from Sudan, France, Germany, Switzerland, England, USA and Ireland. Our youngest volunteer is 3 years old and our oldest is over 80 years old. We encourage participants with different abilities and are always looking for people to help us even if they can’t take part in the clean up. We always love hearing from people that might want to help, offer suggestions or have an interest in our group. So please get in touch if you think you have something you think you can offer or feel we can offer you.