DCC bulb, wildflower & tree planting

In 2019, Crumlin Community Cleanup approached the council to improve Bangor Circle green space. We had completed research on green spaces including mapping all the trees and green spaces in the area. Having created a Bangor Circle review report and discussing the issues with the councillors and the DCC officials, we asked could funding be set aside to improve the green spaces.

The councillors Pat Dunne, Tara Deacy and Patrick Costello assigned discretionary funding for improvements to the local green spaces. DCC offered suggestions for improvements in the local green spaces, including mechanical bulb, wildflower planting and tree planting which councillors agreed to. These works were carried out on Bangor Circle, Clonmacnoise Triangle, Leighlin Road and Kildare Road adding colour and increasing biodviersity in the local green spaces.

Start Date: Nov 2019
Report Due: December 2020
Thanks to: Pat Dunne, Tara Deacy and Patrick Costello, John MacEvilly, Carmel McCartney and DCC Parks Department – Brid Brosnan.
Costs: All costs were spent by DCC through discretionary funds allocation.