Clonmacnoise Triangle

In March 2020, we asked locals what they would like to see in their green space outside their home. The most common answer was more plants and trees on the green spaces. After receiving a small grant of €700 euros from the The Community Environment Enhancement Fund, we purchased bulbs, plants, bark and flowers to bloom the triangle space.

We worked closely with DCC, local residents  and horticulturst Aofie Munn in preparation to planting bulbs, plants and in Spring 2021 wildflower seeds will go down. We planted 720 bulbs, 71 Perennial Plants, Wildflowers seeds.

The larger triangular area was improved based on feedback from the survey. DCC undertook planting trees and mechanical bulb and wildflower planting. It add a great sea of colour and flowers in the area.

We printed leaflets once the work was done and distributed them to the local residents to let them know what was planted. We also had a sign printed and provided as a donation by a local residents.

We are constantly working on these spaces to add additional flowers, bulbs, grasses and bulbs to ensure that the green space is full of life all year around. In August 2021, we’ve added ornamental grasses and reconfigured some plants with the help of Fiann O ‘ Nuallain.

Date: March 2020 – Present
Thanks to: Clonmacnoise residents, DCC Parks deparment,  Cllr Deacy, Cllr Moore and Cllr Dunne, Aoife Munn, Bloomin Crumlin & Crumlin Cleanup Volunteers, Fiann O’ Nuallain.
Status: Ongoing