Crumlin Community Cycles

Starting in the summer of 2021, Crumlin Community Cycles are short group bike rides of roughly 5 kilometers in length. They take place weekly on the quieter streets of Crumlin, Dublin 12. They are organised by a small group of Crumlin-based cycling advocates who
were inspired by the energy and enthusiasm of the hugely successful D12 Bike Bus. The Community Cycles are open to those young and old of all cycling abilities.
Aims include:

  • Encouraging neighbours and friends to get out as a group and cycle in Crumlin
  • Increasing the visibility of cycling in Crumlin, taking advantage of the many small and largely traffic-free residential streets
  • Improving cyclist confidence both in riding a bike and also in carrying out basic repairs such as pumping up a tyre or raising a saddle
  • Encouraging parents to get out and cycle with their children

Some cycles have stopped at places of interest in Crumlin including the Phil Lynott’s plaque, Pearse College Allotments and Blarney Park Community Garden. For further information check out Crumlin Community Cycles on Facebook.