It’s just a patch of grass really

One of the Bloomin’ Crumlin volunteers Naoise recently completed her thesis “It’s just a patch of grass really” which is based on the local green spaces and a fancy thing called “Cultural Ecosystem Services”. Cultural Ecosystem Services are the non-material benefits people obtain from nature. They include recreation, aesthetic enjoyment, physical and mental health benefits and spiritual experiences. They contribute to a sense of place, foster social cohesion and are essential for human health and well-being.

For the thesis she interviewed 10 Crumlin locals and gathered their opinions and thoughts on the local green spaces. From theses interviews and other research she came up with ideas to transform these spaces from underutilized spaces to spaces for the community. She found these transformations could be done if there was successful co-operation Dublin City Council, Bloomin Crumlin and the wider community.

You can view the full thesis here