Marist School Orchard

A 7 tree orchard was planted in the Marist primary school this March 2022.  5 apple (some red, some green) and 2 Victoria plum trees. We started by marking out the spacing for each tree and decided to plant them 3m apart. We dug each hole based on the size and shape of the tree roots. Long roots needed deeper holes. After carefully placing the bare root tree in the hole, we turned over the grass sods so the grass was facing down. We then added a cardboard collar to suppress the grass growth. And finished by sprinkling some really fragrant wood chip kindly donated by Pearse College Allotments. Lots of fun was had finding worms and smelling with pine scented wood chip. The new Bloomin’ Crumlin e-cargo bike came in really handy for carrying spades, cardboard and wood chip.