Old County Planting

During June 2021, DCC worked together with  residents of Old County Road & Glen, Bangor Drive, Ashling Close, Ardagh Road and Crumlin Road along with Bloomin’ Crumlin volunteers to replant the green space at the junction of Old County Road.  A meeting was was held with residents from the street to discuss improvements could be made with DCC and a leaflet was sent out to 300 residents in the area. Approximately 50 volunteers came out, including Councillor Pat Dunne to participate and under the guidance of David Moore from DCC, planted a few hundred plants, laid bark mulch, weeded and cleaned up the green space. Over 50 bags of debris and weeds were removed from the site. Pips Deli, supplied some lovely sandwiches to all the hard workers! Thanks to Martin, Beta and Tina for capturing some photos of the day.
The residents will be performing maintenance on the green space throughout the year with a view to transforming the area. Other work is planned in the surrounding streets over the next few months.

Date: June 2021 – Present
Thanks to: DCC Parks, David Moore,  local residents, Bloomin Crumlin volunteers, Cllr. Pat Dunne and Doggett Printers.
Organising team – Paddy, Jacqueline, Claire, Carol, Tina, Yuahali, Sylvaine. Martin,Tina  and Beta for photos.
Status: Ongoing.