Pearse Park Survey

As part of our research phase for the greening strategy, Pearse Park was chosen as a research subject.mThe park was chosen as many residents had mentioned that it had not got as much attention as other parks in the area and felt improvements could be made. A group of 20 local residents formed the questionnaire and it was delivered to 1500 houses surrounding the property.
We offered responders to return their applications in a Bloomin’ Crumlin postbox at Pearse Park entrance(thanks DCC) or allowed them to take a photo or using a online questionnaire.  Approximately 300 responses where received and were entered by volunteers into a readable format and analysed.
The draft report is developed, will be discussed with the local residents and then will be discussed with councillors and local authorities before being finalised. This study will compliment the other study areas of Raphoe Road and Lower Crumlin.

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Start Date: March 2021
Report Due: October 2021
Thanks to: Pearse Park organising group, Kash, Olga, Eli, Gerry, Maeve, Mary, Sabrina, Sinead, Martha, Dee, Maya, Aoife, Katie, Ger, Stu, DCC Parks Department.
Costs: Questionnaire printing paid for by Bloomin’ Crumlin.