Recycled Planters

An avid volunteers spotted a large number of concrete planter destined for landfill in RTÉ Donnybrook. We made contact with RTÉ Donnybrook to see if we could save these planters and use them in Crumlin. They agreed we could take them and working with McNally Haulage and supported by the local DCC area office, we collected 80 planters to be rehoused in organisations around the Crumlin.  Sister Bernadette from the CCMA kindly let us store the planters in the car park as we washed and organised groups to take them. On Good Friday, we distributed the planters around Crumlin on a truck and forklift.

Groups and organisations that benefited were

Colaiste Eoin, Youthreach, Clogher Road Educate Together, Clay Youth Club, Salesian House, Rutland Grove Residents Association, Crumlin Bowls, CCMA

Thanks: Robert & Carmel in DCC local area office, Dave & Donal in DCC Parks, RTÉ, CCMA, McNally Haulage, Beta, Steve, Kevin, the CCMA garden group.
Date: April 2022