Old Town Garden

The corner of Kildare and Sundrive Road is an unkept space which has attracted dumping and antisocial behaviour for many years. Volunteers have been involved in sprucing up the space with many repairs and enhancements taking place. Actions have involved removing rust and repainting of the surrounding metal fence. Drain Clearance. Wall repairment and resurfacing. Old paint removal from stone brick wall. Gate repaint. This is an ongoing process with volunteers continually working  with neighbouring business and landlord to improve the space.

The first phase of a stunning new mural, located at the junction of Sundrive and Kildare road has been added. The mural illustrates Phil Lynott lyrics, and is a tribute to all those who passed during Covid. Thanks to Tina, Louise, Sarah, Olga, Wayne, DCC, local groups and Councillors for all the support with this project.

From Sarah Bracken Soper:
“Really happy and proud to create this work in Crumlin. Hearing the great feedback from my community has been humbling. The colours really break up all the grey and make this space more vibrant and cheerful. The space will also be planted up soon, making it a lovely rememberance garden and peaceful place to enjoy some nature. Thankfully that’ll get rid of my paint spill! 😬 So many great creatives came from the area and there’s nothing new today, Crumlin is full of artists, performers and creative thinkers. So happy to meet so many good people while working on this. Still have to do more work on the gate, but taking a break from the elements! Thank you to Crumlin Community Cleanup, @bloomincrumlin and Sundrive Residents Association for giving me this opportunity and strengthening my connection with the place that I live, it means a lot to me ❤️ Can you tell how cold I am in the last photo? You can find the mural at the Sundrive end of Kildare Road ✌️”