Sundrive Green Planting

Sundrive Residents, Bloomin’ Crumlin volunteers and DCC Parks collaborated on several planting projects to enhance Sundrive Green (half circle) greenspace. The aim of these initiatives were to enhance our existing green space and make this prominent stretch of a main artery road more beautiful as approached from ‘four roads’ leading into the Crumlin & Kimmage Areas.

November 2021 update

Thanks to David in Parks for organising a day for Sundrive residents, planting 1000 bulbs on Sundrive Green just as Covid restrictions lifted. It was lovely to have volunteers together again, making positive improvements and having fun while doing so. The place is looking fantastic and we’re all excited to see the results.  Thanks to local student Nathan Harte for creating the video of the video of some of the work!



Projects included;

  • Bulb planting; Daffodils, Snowdrops, Bluebells, Crocus and Tulips
  • 6 new cherry blossom trees
  • Wildflower planting areas surrounding mature trees within the green space

Date: 2020- Present
Thanks: Sundrive Residents, Bloomin’ Crumlin volunteers and DCC Parks
Status: Ongoing