Windmill Road Mural

A new colourful mural called “colour therapy” was installed by street artist group Subset on the Windmill Road creche wall. It adds some life and colour once grey walls.

“Colour Therapy is an artwork series which is inspired by “paper tearing” and the therapeutic use of colour. Coloured paper is torn, ripped, overlaid and photographed in a variety of patterns. The practice is utilised across a number of therapeutic settings. The series invites artwork that is unbound by conventional form or accuracy, and allows the emphasis to be placed on colour, impact and visual stimulation.”

Funded by: Discretionary fund from DCC
Date: October 2022
Thanks to: Subset, Olga, Louise, Sylvaine, John, Dominic, Carmel, residents of Windmill Road and local councillors.
Status: Completed