Rutland Avenue 2

Rutland Avenue #2

About: This is the second green space on Rutland Avenue(when coming from Crumlin Road) that is located to the side of the Fire Brigade.
Surrounding Streets: Rutland Avenue [16 trees]
Park Type: Incidental/Housing Green Spaces 0-249
Area (m²): 185.95m²
Area used by facilities(m²): 0m²
Area without facilities: 185.95m²
Perimeter (m): 58.32m of Wall, Fence/Railing
Access: The green space can be accessed from anywhere and has no formal entrances. There are no paths in this green space/park. The green space/park or entrance is not wheelchair friendly. The entrance to the green space/park is Raised. The green space/park is open all day long.
Recreation and Health Facilities: No recreation/health facilities.
General Features: No general features.
Number of Trees: 3
1 Tree every: 61.98 m² (Calculation: Available area/Number of Trees)

1 tree per 250m²1 tree per 150m²1 tree per 100m²1 tree per 50m²1 tree per 25m²
Number of trees to add / remove: -2-1-115